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Homeopathy and a Sublingual cyst

Male, 28 years old contacted me with a history of a sublingual cyst under his tongue since Jan 2020 .His Dentist had booked him with an Oral surgeon but due to the Pandemic with the Corona virus his procedure was deferred.His case was take via Video consultation.

He presented with a cyst that was soft but tender to touch and at times he could drain it but it would be quite tender only to refill quickly again. There was soreness when it was swollen and also while attempting to drain it.He reported having had fillings in Dec and Jan a few weeks prior to this appearing

He was a sociable, easy going person who could have anticipation before events, sensitive if people were dismissive of others or rude. His energy dipped around 4/5 pm. He reported having had a lot of saliva, his gland was up behind his ear on that same side as the cyst, he felt extremes of heat and/or cold and he reported Perspiration especially a night.

In the past he had some gut issues and nausea and presently flatus after meals. Hunger aggravated as well as alcohol.

In view of his recent fillings before the appearance of the cyst, I decided to prescribe Merc Sol as his initial prescription coupled with the symptoms above mentioned lead me to start with this remedy in his case.

Mec sol 30c , 3 in 24 hours was given initially from his first aid kit as during his time all the remedies had to be posted to the clients (he reported slight easing withing 3 or 4 hours of each remedy taken)

May 8 , 2020 Merc 200c single dose was given, that night the swelling burst and a mixture of Yellow pus and blood came out. It swelled and drained twice after that, then drained rather than burst.

May 15 , 2020 Merc 200c was repeated but it was still swelling

May 19, 2020 His Constitutional remedy Lycopodium 200c Single dose was prescribed, it swelled and burst after the Lycopodium but this time left a small hole, no pain was reported.

June 2,2020 Reported that it had not refilled.

June 8, 2020 Received message that he had cancelled the Dr's appointment as it had not swollen since at all and had no discharge of pus.

see pics to show progress.

Pic 3, issue resolved

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