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Speedy healing of Wound after Abdominoplasy surgery

A lady recalls her story after an Abdominoplasty ('tummy tuck' )

"I was left with an open wound for 6 months after my surgery, this was due to an infection.The wound was 3 inches deep and an inch wide.

I went to the Nurse every week to change the dressings and I kept getting Antibiotics but without success .My Surgeon just kept telling me it would heal but here I was six months later which left me frustrated.In the end I decided to go to my Homeopath Triona ,who after taking a full record of my symptoms gave me a number of remedies, the main one being Sulphur and some tissue salts which were Gun Powder 6x and hypericum to take a few times a day.

Exactly 10 days later the wound healed from the inside out and closed.The surgeon was baffled and asked for her details (but never contacted her). Since then I introduced Triona to a friend of mine with a Grade 4 pressure sore that was open for 2 yrs, this also healed with Homeopathy. I am grateful to Triona and Homeopathy.

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