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A Serious itch.

Client came to me having presented with an itch that started on a Tuesday morning and reported that there were some patches on eye and then swelling/puffiness of that eye occurred. Later on that day itching started on chest and back of knees and reported that it would get painful like a sting, better for scratching.There were some white hives also.

Her husband encouraged her to go to the Dr. in case her throat would swell.The Dr prescribed Telfast 180 mgs, Deltacortil 5 mgs and Betnovate cream (was diagnosed with Urticaria by Gp).

She mentioned that she had Mussels and hake at the weekend and had One shell fish when she met a friend at lunch on the said Tuesday (from her friends plate).She also had Nuts on Sat and ate Strawberries on Sunday.She was also taking a Fish oil supplement .She had had a boil under her left breast the previous week and was prescribed Penicillin by her GP.

She phoned me on Thursday morning as she was not getting better and from her symptoms she gave me on the phone I saw her straight away.

She presented with a wide spread rash that looked like Urticaria with some hives and stinging pain. From knowing this lady she was quite unwell, even though the patches were burning, she was cold in the rest of her body. She had swelling around her left eye and mouth area. She had raised red patches widespread throughout her body and there was a blue bruised look to some of the eruptions. No swelling of the throat internally,No vomiting or shortness of breath was reported on questioning.