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Shingles treated effectively in a few days @Healy Clinic

Recently treated a young man with eruptions that appeared on his side and was diagnosed with Shingles, Pic 1.He was really disappointed as he was due to go to the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area that young people go to immerse in the Irish language with fellow students, they have a lot of fun and games there but all learnt through the Irish language) He was prescribed Anti Viral tablets by the GP.

They contacted me and from his symptoms I prescribed Rhus Tox remedy 30 c x 3 doses in 24 hours.

Within 24 hours I got a message from his Mum with pics that read " Yesterday and today ..what a difference, my son is delighted and in great form, he wants to get signed off by GP to be allowed go to the Gaeltacht this weekend. Thanks a million".Pic 2. I reassured them it would continue to get better over the next few days and that we were progressing in the right direction, he was allowed to go to the Gaeltacht with his friends and feeling well and eruptions much better, pain and itch gone (Pic 3 and 4 )

#Shingles #HomeopathyeffectivenesswithShingles #Herpeticeruptions

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