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Physician says "Homeopathy a blessing to our lives"

Triona helped me greatly through Homeopathy (and Reflexology) sessions.

Reflexology helped detox and cleanse my body whilst addressing the concerns I had and as he same time focusing on improving my symptoms by addressing their cause, rather than just treating them.I have felt less anxious and less stressed since I began treatment with Triona.

Triona was also able to help my Dad's Depression when he was at his worst point through her Homeopathic remedies and for this I am so thankful. It is always challenging for a Physician to fully accept the idea of Homeopathic medicine as it is a different method of treatment .However I am so glad to have had this experience and now I really am a believer.It has been a blessing in my life and in my father's. Her work is absolutely incredible ! Thank you Triona.

Randa Mourany MD.

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