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Second baby success

Triona was my first Homeopath, my introduction into this world. I came to her because I was trying for my second baby and since it had taken 3 years to conceive with my first,I was worried it would take that long again. Years of vegetarianism wrecked my hormones and I wasn't getting any younger.

Triona listens with her whole heart. She heard everything and more.She addressed my physical limitations as well as my emotional obstacles.She supported me and guided me to a place of healing.

I didn't know anything about Homeopathy before my first appointment with Triona, so she gently explained the process and the work I would have to do along with the remedy.

Not only was it fascinating, it was effective. Within a month I was pregnant. Homeopathy came to my rescue again through months of grueling morning sickness and again through a natural childbirth and extraordinary post partum period. I will always be grateful for the work,dedication and love that Triona pours into her craft.

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