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Stinging itch

One evening I went for a walk in the Khabisi area with my dog, on return from the walk I felt like I had been bitten by an insect and you can see from the first photos my legs became red in the areas of the bites in both my lower legs. They felt itchy and stinging and burning and felt better for rubbing. I considered taking Ledum which is the main remedy for bites and puncture wounds but the stinging and burning led me to think of Urtica Urens which is taken from the Stinging Nettle.I also began to have what look like Hives on both legs.

So I took one 30 c pillule of Urtica urens and pictures show clearly how the hives and the redness went very quickly along with the stinging and burning after that single dose. I did not have to repeat it. Great to be able to use Homeopathy for myself and get relief so quickly.

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