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A life change...

I have known Triona for over 17 years now and she has treated me and my family during this time which is testimonial in itself how much we value her as our family Homeopath. She has treated me for things such as colds, flu,infections and yearly ailments as well as anxiety and life stresses and a lot more. Triona is a kind, caring and understanding professional one who listens and connects well with me and whatever issue I was presenting with and with her skills and knowledge she can prescribe with great accuracy.

Last November I was diagnosed with the BRCA 2 cancer gene requiring selective double mastectomy. Triona treated me and supported me and my wishes from the beginning to the end of my journey. She treated me with remedies to help me cope with anxiety, fear and terror I felt at facing all this. I do not remember the names of the remedies she gave me but the one just prior to my operation was called Arsenicum alb. It really helped me at a time I would have been so anxious at what I was about to go through and face afterwards. She then gave me remedies to help the healing such as Arnica and others to prevent infection for the post operative period.

I would be here forever if I had to go through it all but I would not be here to tell my tale with openness, pride in my body and myself and the life change that have occurred since. This is due to the back up from Triona and Homeopathy and her work in helping me face, accept, and recuperate from every part of this operation. I am blessed to have met her and even more blessed that she will continue to treat me in the future.

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