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This is a natural system of health to treat your whole system , based on the theory that there are Reflex points on the feet that connect to every part of the body.

By working these reflexes in a specific way it helps to restore the body to balance naturally by releasing toxins, stress depending what else is happening for the individual.It is an inexpensive way of scanning the body through your Reflexes to indicate imbalances to particular organs/tissues etc..

Most people initially report sleeping better, improvement coping with stress  and release of any retained fluid in the body along with an increase in their energy. We go on to work specifically for that individual and whatever is showing up on their feet (their map of their body).

This is mapped on a chart and with each treatment we see a gradual improvement in their chart.

The treatment is finished with a gentle relaxing massage of the feet using essential oils and energy work (with breathing techniques) via their solar plexus reflex in the feet.

Contact Triona at Healy Clinc 087-3642081 or email for an appointment 

Hand and Foot Reflexology Charts

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