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Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. Please arrive promptly to obtain your full session. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment a minimum of 24 hour notice required. Unless cancelled prior to 24 hours, you are financially responsible for 50 % of the scheduled fee.

Privacy Policy
All consultations are confidential and I will not release any information to anyone without written permission from you, except as provided by law.
The privacy policy outlines what data I collect from you, how I use it  and how I store it.It applies to òne to one and email Consultations,from my website, social media or any other online communication.
Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) , in place since 25 th may 2018, as a Sole Practitioner I will assume both the roles of Data Controller and Data Processor which means I take full responsibility for collecting my Clients individual data and that I am responsible for managing and protecting it to the best of my ability.
When you work with me in any of my modalities you can be assured that any information that you choose to share with me is completely confidential and is stored by me as securely as is possible for me to do. In my role as Data Controller and Processor I undertake to take all reasonable measures to :-
Comply with Data Protection law and follow good practice
Protect the rights of my Clients
Inform my clients about how their personal data is collected, stored and used.
Have a contingency plan in place in the event of a data breach
As a health practitioner I confirm that I collect my clients data for the sole purpose of assessing and understanding their health  and accordingly determining the most effective treatment plans for each client.. I do not share my Clients Data with any third parties (apart from online tools listed below), with the exception of where there is compelling evidence to do so by a legal authority or in the interests of Public Health.
Sign-up forms
If you choose to sign up with me on my website or any other platform, I ask for your name, email address to arrange a consult or or a free phone call offer pr to send you a Free email newsletter, if you choose to receive it. If you choose the Free phone call I do ask for your Skype ID so that I can contact you for the Free call. These details are currently stored on my contact management system Wix and manages subscribers.. Wix are GDPR compliant to the best of my knowledge so they are legally bound to store your information securely and not allowed to pass it on to any 3 rd parties. My account at Wix is password protected.You can choose to subscribe to the Newsletter at any time and equally to unsubscribe at any time.
In the case of a written sign up format any live event or presentations that I may do, your details will be added manually to Wix contacts if you have consented me to do so.
Information Forms
When you book your first Consultation with me I may email you an information sheet for you to complete and email back to me in advance of your consultation, I do this to be able to contact you  in a case where I need to reschedule or notify you of any changes to bookings you may have made with me. This form also outlines the reason you are coming to me, a general outline of your health history and your family's health history. This helps me to have done any preparation work in advance of the appointment and to ensure our time is focused and efficient. These forms are stored at present on Google Drive and are password protected. I also print copies which are stored in your case notes. Google has stated they are GDPR  compliant. https:/
Social Media
My policy at present is to communicate any messages via email and text or whatsapp messages.I cannot be responsible or the confidentiality of messages via social media platforms so I must point out that this form of communication is at your discretion and is your responsibility. To the best of my knowledge Facebook and Instagram are GDPR compliant. Members of my closed FB group can be assured that all the conversations conducted within it are only visable to the other members of the group and the Admin team. You may leave the group at any time.
On-Line Consultations 
I currently work with Paypal in order to process payments for Consultations or goods/on-line courses from my website. Paypal are also GDPR compliant and their policy can be viewed here:
I also use Skype to conduct on-line consultations,  I take notes on these consultations . The only record I hold is my hand written notes of the consultation which are stored in my Clients case files in a locked filing cabinet. within my office space which is locked when I am not working.
My work email is currently hosted by Gmail, My Clients use this email to communicate to me and sometimes an email consultation may be conducted, I then print out these notes and keep them securely in my clients notes. The emails are then deleted, this is done within  a short period of time of receiving the emails .
Handwritten case notes
I take notes during  all the consultations so I have the clients own words and also for referral at a later date should I need to review a case, monitor a case and to have a complete record of every aspect of their health and their response to the Homeopathic remedies if prescribed. Having this data is a necessary part of my job.
Each Clients case file is kept in a  locked filing cabinet, your case file is never removed from my clinic unless you have requested a home visit or a Hospital visit.
I am obliged by law to keep your notes for a period of 7 years from the time of your last consultation withme .
I do not record consultations online and promise never to do so without your permission. I may ask to take a photograph to have a photographic record of a particular record to monitor progress of the complaint. eg skin disorders. These photos will be added to your case notes or deleted.
In some cases I may ask for your permission to discuss your case with a colleague but in such a case I will never disclose your Identity, please be assured of my confidentiality.
Medical Records
In some cases I may need to be provided with Medical records or pathology and Radiology reports, if so copies are stored in your case notes. If you email these results to me a copy will be printed and added to your case notes and the email deleted.
Update, correct or delete your data
If at any time you think I am storing incorrect information about you or you wish to  update, revise or need to delete any of your details please apply to me in writing to Triona Healy, Crinnage, Craughwell, Co Galway. HN9TNR2.
I have the right  to refuse your application to delete in the following situations:-
.I need to comply with a legal obligation  for the performance of a public interest task or legal authority.
.For Public Health Purposes in the Public interest.
.The exercise/defence of Legal claims.
In the event of a Data breach;-
.I will notify my clients immediately
.I will take appropriate steps to minimize any damage
.I will change all relevant passwords and secure any affected accounts.
.If applicable I will inform the Data Protection Commissioner
Please contact me at if you have any queries regarding this statement.
Client consent and disclaimer

I am of legal age and in considertion of my acceptance as a participant. I undestand that Triona Healy is a Registered Homeopath, Nlp Practitioner , Reflexologist and Eft practitioner.

I will not discontinue any medication that has been prescribed by any medical professional unless instructed by them.

You have the right to refuse any aspect of our services and to seek the services of another at any time. I thereby release Triona Healy from any claim of damages, demands or actions arising from my participation.

I declare that I have read this consent and release that I fully understand and agree to the terms described. 

Client Signature (if under 18, must be signed by a parent or legal guardian)

X                                                                      Date                            

My Committment to you:

I agree to use my abilities and expertise, skills and knowledge to facilitate such changes as are mutually agreed to be in your best   interest. I will offer you my individual attention during our scheduled sessions. I am professionally committed to assisting you in using your inner resources to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time through Nlp/EFT/Reflexoloy sessions.

I am committed to finding the best Homeopathic remedy that covers your symptoms to restore wellness if this is the treatment you are seeking at the Clinic. 

If you are not happy with your treatment or customer service please tell me, if you are happy tell others. Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you.


Triona Healy.


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