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"Good health is a duty to yourself"


A Galway Homeopath with over 20 experience, prior to that I had a career In General Nursing. I have successfully treated many clients in Ireland, U.A.E, Europe and the USA.Through on-line consultation my practice has become global. Clients trust is invaluable and my Nursing back round coupled with Homeopathy and understanding both modalities and looking at the person in their totality as well as understanding pathology results, medication in returning people to heath and wellness. Alongside this I have aMasters in Neuro Linguistic Programming which has added valuable skills to my work

In the climate of the recent Virus (Covid 19), building Immunity and helping resistance and susceptability is a big part of Homeopathic care.

I have a vast range of experience treating clients from a Homeopathic and coaching clients through difficult life changes. My strengths lie in my skills and wealth of knowledge in assessing and connecting with each individual and planning their path back to wellness.

I am passionate about empowering people through Education, I provide workshops on aspects of health and wellness such as Motivation,Exam-related stress, Detox,Change,Weight issues, Sports Performance etc....I enjoy working with other professions in providing education, relaxation and breakthrough to help create the change people want in their life. I use Neuro-Linguistic techniques/psychology.

I became interested in Homeopathy after being a Nurse and recognized the gap in considering the whole individual as part of the physical issue they presented with. Alongside this one of my son's had a vaccination reaction that rendered his immune system very weak and Homeopathy came to our rescue 25 years ago.My two sons were raised using Homeopathic treatment since then if and when they were ill. I can thank Homeopathic remedies as a big part of this journey.I would love to help you on your journey to great Physical and Emotional health.I look forward to meeting with you and planning the best way forward with you.


Preventative Health Care, Pain, Allergies

Re-occurring infections,Skin issues

Mental/Emotional problems, Stress, Headaches, Anxiety and Trauma

Drug Reactions/side effects,

Empowering clients through life changes.

Personal Development



Registered General nurse, RGN (UK, Australia,Ireland)

Licensed Homeopath. Reg.Irish Society of Homeopaths

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP),

Masters Practitioner of Nlp (NFNLP),

Nlp Coach.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Levels 1 and 2) certified practitioner,




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Paula Cunningham
Driver/Business Foreign student Placement, Ireland

I have known Triona for over 20 years and she has treated me and my family over that time which is testimonial in iteself as our family Homeopath. She has treated me for things such as colds, flu,infections and yearly ailments as well as anxiety and life stresses and a lot more. Triona is a kind, caring and understanding professional...

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Tatiana Margan
Behavioural Therapist,UAE

Thank you for taking my broken body into your hands and fixing it so well.You saved me by keeping me mentally and physically strong.With your professional approach and your fountain of knowledge you have helped me with specific physical and emotional issues through Homeopathy, Nlp and Reflexology.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nathalie Curabba
Health-supportive Chef, UAE.
Second baby success..

Triona was my first Homeopath,my introduction into this world.I came to her because I was trying for my second baby and since it had taken 3 years to conceive my first child, I was worried it would take that long again. Triona listens with her whole heart. She heard everything and more....

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Jose Berengueres
Professor, UAE

I have been treated by Triona for the past 3 years for Homeopathy for various colds and stress. At first I was skeptical about Homeopathy but now I refer all my colleagues to her because it works. I also recently had Nlp/Eft sessions combined which were enlightening and helped with the issues I presesnted with.

Triona has changed our lives. Our family of four has never been healthier and happier ever since we started seeing Triona. And the best part, we are free from conventional medicine. Thanks to Triona and her vast knowledge and experience with Homeopathy and reflexology. 

Triona has successfully treated our family's various ailments, from Eczema, severe Molluscum Contagiosum, to hormonal imbalance. It has been an open-minded experience for all of us, including our children. They much prefer going to Triona than going to the hospital. My daughter (who is terrified by needles and the hospital) is so inspired; she even thinks of becoming a homeopathic practitioner when she grow up. 

I have to mention Triona's reflexology--it's the best of the best. Both my husband and I saw Triona periodically for Reflexology treatment. It's the most effective, natural and inexpensive internal health scanning and boosting approach! Now that Triona has relocated, we miss our reflexology treatments dearly. But thanks to technology, we still can continue to appreciate Triona's Homeopathic and Coaching consultations via Skype. 

-Thuy Burritt, owner of Fit Pilates Al Ain studio,

Thuy Burritt

Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Pilates Instructor
Certified totalbarre Instructor
Certified Primal Blueprint Expert
Tel:  (971) 50-3218677
"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." By Joseph Pilates



Our Address:

Crinnage, Craughwell, Co Galway, Connacht, Ireland


087-364 2185

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